What to do if you buy used office furniture that is faulty?!
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Going to the store to buy second hand office furniture and second hand office furniture derby at great deals is one stage, the other stage may arise whereby such furniture may have some faults; what do you do in such circumstances?

When you buy an item, you expect it to last and to do what it's designed to do.

So what are your rights?

Sellers’ must offer the following guarantees even if they also give or sell you other warranties.

According to the above, items must:

· be of satisfactory quality

· be fit for any resolution represented by the trade or made known to the customer before buying

· equal descriptions made by the seller, on packs and labels, and in campaigns or publicity

· equal the example or demo model

· meet any additional express warranties

· have spare parts and repair amenities accessible for a rational period after procurement

· come with complete title and proprietorship

· come with a right to unobstructed possession

· not have any concealed securities and charges over them.

In a typical sample, when you go shopping and notice a fault on a product, you can immediately complain about it and seek redress, but on the other hand – if you have fully checked and certified all is well, you may have to forget complaints when it is not no longer in care of the seller.

You can however bargain with the seller if he or she is a good fellow. In the case of a major failure from the seller, you can return the merchandise to the supplier and ask for a refund or replacement.

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